Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Gluten-Free for Me by Eloise

I, too, am recently gluten-free.

Two years ago, when I was expecting my second son, I woke up one morning experiencing excruciating joint pain, to the point of dehabilitation. Despite blood tests and lots of lab work no one ever was able to explain to me why I was in pain so much of the time. Some days I could not even get out of bed.

It was my son's pediatrician that actually flipped the switch for me. She had noticed that I was constantly sick-- I was always suffering from strep or some other disease when my sons were in for their check-ups even though the appointments were months apart. She asked if I had ever considered that I might have a gluten allergy, as that can be a huge contributor.

When my joints began to become even more painful and I became a chronic migraine sufferer I decided I had to really take action and be done with this.

There's been a definite improvement. I also have had to give up all legumes (beans, peas, soy... lentils... everything) and as I have long been dairy sensitive, combined with other allergies/sensitivities this means my diet is very restricted at this point-- but it's worth it if I don't hurt all the time.

After all, I want to be a good mom to my children, and I can't be that if I can't get out of bed!

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Martie said...

Very interesting, El. I was talking to Lane about this a few weeks ago. I know it's something I eventually will have to do as well. If I even touch flour, I break out and cough and sneeze. It's terrible. Since some days I end up popping Soothing Stomach Complex all day long, I think it's time. But...


Well, more power to ya. Please keep us updated on how your health improves.