Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meatless, Gluten-Free Lunch: Foul Madammas

You can call this Foul Madammas or the other way around - just make sure you say FOOL, not fowl. This is the simplest of all lunches:

Open a can of fava beans, also called Foul. We buy them (in quantity!) at our local international market, in the small can - it's big enough for 2 for lunch, and costs about 89 cents in our present over-priced economy. I'm sure you could find dry fava beans and cook them up, too.

Here's what you do with them:

Place steamy hot foul in a shallow bowl.
Pour over it some great-tasting olive oil.
Sprinkle on a little cayenne.

Serve with chips (we love blue-corn/sesame) or rice crackers or pitas (not gluten-free!)

A very different flavor of bean, very satisfying! PL

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