Saturday, March 26, 2011

The end of March...

Yesterday John planted asparagus and artichokes in the beds he'd prepared. We haven't done artichokes before, but are hopeful. We don't know if we can get them to winter over, but at least their roots will be bigger each year if they do. According to this article we should be sharing one big choke by August!

Then little ones will grow and we'll have a few more to enjoy.

We planted 3 plants. It may not be enough! We've got to wait a good 4 months or more to find out.

The asparagus won't be ready for a couple of years. We have a few plants that are ready to harvest this year, planted in 2007.

Otherwise, it's all preparation for a delicious future.

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Bonnie said...

We planted one artichoke plant last spring and it actually managed to survive the annual it's-too-hot-out-so-I-stop-watering period of time. Now it is doubling in size every week or so. Last year we got eight artichokes from it, so I have hopes for quite a crop this year. This saves us a ton of money, as artichokes cost $2 EACH! The plant cost about $4 last year!