Monday, September 8, 2008

Glorious Italian Harvest Soup

I found this soup online at one of my favorite sites. If you like food, you will want to subscribe to this wonderful 'kitchen', full of aromatic surprises. You can even leave your feedback - which in this setting means comments you make after you feed yourself with these delightful concoctions! To subscribe, go to

This soup is from southern Italy, not a well-traveled place. It is full of harvest veggies, and flexible enough to make use of whatever you have in your local area. It is also a SHOCKING soup: it uses 2 cups of olive oil. But don't worry: first, olive oil is healthy, and second, you don't consume it all. After you're done cooking this soup, you will have plenty of flavored olive oil to use in other dishes.

Here's the link: Or you can get to it from the site.

I'm trying this tonight. I even have squash buds still in my garden. I will have to go to the store for a nice fennel root - too bad because I passed one up at the Anacortes Farmer's Market last Saturday. Oh yeah - I'll have to buy tomatoes too because all the ones in our garden are still green: tomatoes aren't designed for a maritime climate with daytime highs in the 60s!

Leave a comment here if you try it!

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