Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Gluten-Free For Me?

I remember sitting in the living room a couple of years ago and saying to my husband, I just can't stand to have pain in my gut any more!

It had been a constant companion for years, sometimes worse, sometimes not quite that bad.

I don't think that day was any different from the rest, I was just worn out by it.

It wasn't the only sign something was wrong inside, but I'd had all the tests over the years, and aside from major inconvenience - really major inconvenience! - I wasn't threatened by it.

But still, I was DONE. D. O. N. E. !!!! (But of course I wasn't!)

It was about 2 weeks later that a friend suggested I might be gluten-intolerant. I said, way. She suggested I just do the experiment and avoid wheat and all its cousins (more on this another day) and also oats - no gluten but it is known to cause inflammation. Just for a couple of days.

So I did that.

And in 24 hours the pain was gone! Absolutely gone. I did a Day 2 and a Day 3...same thing.

So that's how I became gluten-free, except for a few slips.

(One day I decided to try oats - no go! The inflammation was obvious and not worth it!)

It hasn't been totally easy - I found wheat hidden everywhere. We started eating at home more often. We've been having a great time doing that!

Do I miss bread? No, not really! More to come...PL

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